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For many decades we have become accustomed to "preserve " the pleasant moments of his life, friends and relatives , experiences and events in photos. Of course, the pictures are much better convey memories than the human brain , which also has the ability to keep everything forever . However , they are not able to display three-dimensional space to convey emotion in full. Even stereophotography are not capable of , and represent only the illusion of volume. Thanks to the development of modern technology, we now have a great opportunity to solve this problem. And if you have not guessed , the speech today will focus on the revolutionary discovery . We are glad to tell you what it is to make 3d figures.

Published on :  01.03.2014 07:17

Today in this article we will introduce you to the device 3D printers that in the past few years have turned the market with innovative technologies on its head , will talk about their features and capabilities of multifunction bulk printing . Many of the word "printer" associates with such familiar to us devices that are designed to print information on paper , whether color or black and white paint. This type of printing device is called a two-dimensional , or 2D.

Published on :  01.03.2014 06:40