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Today we introduce you to the question , what are the materials used in the manufacture of products in today's printer technology three-dimensional printing . To date, around the world use a huge range of different materials for 3D printing. And their number is growing rapidly fast exponentially. Projected over the next five years the cost of three-dimensional printing materials market will rise to enormous level of half a billion U.S. dollars.

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:26

Often many of you faced with the question , what kind of gift to choose his boss 's birthday . As you know, pick up something for a friend , a child , a wife 's birthday is much easier , because when you know the person , the genius and practical ideas themselves come to your mind an endless stream . With the chief business is usually much more difficult , even many developed imagination brings . Yes, and what to give the man who has , as a rule , everything is there ! Does not that sound familiar ?

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:10

Today the development of computer technology is at a level that every person who has experience in working with graphics , can itself create your own considering their wishes , or else download from the Internet and ready to modify it to your liking . However, if the skills you have no special skills , highly skilled company «Haferrest-Praha sro» you can always get help.

Published on :  01.03.2014 07:47

In the previous article we started to tell you about the development of three-dimensional printing , so today continue with the story . So , let's understand why 3d printers have long remained in the "shadow ". The whole point is that they were financially inaccessible , and even to the same ineffective. At the beginning of the emergence of technologies such volume printing was uneconomical . Products could not even close to recoup expenses , marching on their creation , the quality was in turn under the "nucleus ", and very primitive materials .

Published on :  01.03.2014 07:46

Creating original 3d figures in Prague

Company «Haferrest-Praha sro», which has recently been offering three-dimensional printing services now and in Prague , is ready to produce for their clients volume figures of people - 3D printing of any complexity, with a choice of sizes and design concept figurines . We work with a circulation of one piece , considering also nice discount for you when you order figures for the whole family . By the way , we can print and your pet , because for many domestic friends are full members of the family. We are also very positive on creative projects where the client offers the fantasy to create something really special , for example, a series of statues in medieval costumes.

Published on :  01.03.2014 07:32