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1. Do not forget to bring a comb and lipstick to our office improve its image before scanning.
2. You can bring any item that will complement your look, whether it's a soccer ball, a scarf or a favorite toy.
3. Desirable to avoid too shiny things in clothes.
4. Would not recommend doing too fat or volume hairstyles.
5. Black clothing will not look favorably in your future figure. Dark blue, dark gray, dark brown - is another matter!

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:56

A little more than a hundred years have passed since then, when our great- great-grandmother, to capture his image for posterity, the whole family went to the shop. Dressed up , preened and solemnly photographed in black and white card.
Today, even a color photo no surprise. Each holder of not only the camera, but even a smartphone can take pictures of their own friends, family and himself.


Published on :  01.03.2014 08:42

You are bored with the usual photos, and you're looking for something new and original that would be able to keep for years to come your memory ? Then , we have for you to have a solution that is able to turn the ordinary ideas about modern technology . To date, 3D printing of figures of people - this service is Rare in mind its novelty , but the idea can easily be called a genius . Look at yourself from the outside, its exact high quality copy now really easy - you just " print yourself" on a 3D printer.

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:34

In this article, we will continue to talk about this technological miracle world of modern inventions like the three-dimensional human figures . 3D printing is now only gaining its momentum popularity , but you can easily say that on this service have already lead to scatter all over the world . More recently, three-dimensional printing became available in the Czech capital , thanks to the company «Haferrest-Praha sro».

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:33

We would like to introduce you a very useful and definitely a cool device that is likely to be an integral part of our life in the future. We are talking about 3D printer! Of course, you will have already heard about the three-dimensional printing , which deals in recent years, increasingly at the hearing . Of course, for the general public bulk printing services offer a fairly limited list of products such as , for example , 3d human figures , animals, small items , toys and etc.

Published on :  01.03.2014 08:32