About Us

Want to visit in the future? Do you want to touch and see what innovations which others have not even heard ? We provide you with a unique chance - a trip to the high-tech world of the future , from which on a memory You can pick up a memorable souvenir - your own action figure !
Today we offer a service which is an innovation in the field of innovative technologies and will be widely represented only in the future !
3D portrait - it is a very special and memorable extraordinary gift for your relatives and friends , as well as a great opportunity to capture your image for family and personal archives . Also a perfect gift for loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues .

Give an unforgettable experience newlyweds . It is amazing , with nothing comparable point in their lives will be captured forever. How much joy and happiness you can give them !
In order to make 3D- portrait you need to visit our office and go through the procedure of 3D- scanning.

How does this happen ?

Man faces the scanner. The operator adjusts the exposure and image in few minutes you scans . The procedure is completely safe and harmless . Security scan confirmed the safety certificate .
Based on the acquired image scanner computer using special software builds a three-dimensional model .
Next, the resulting model is transmitted in a full 3D- printer. After printing, the figure is processed and ready ... your portrait!



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