Purchase a Gift Certificate

This gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after your order has been paid for.

You can select a certificate for the first person , or a group of people ( your friends, colleagues, relatives). Beautiful packaging is also a nice addition to the certificate and absolutely free bonus from us!

You can send the certificate as yourself (in your email ) and immediately the person who makes a gift .

Once people get from you a gift certificate ( his mail message about the gift comes with an individual number ) , he can use it on our website at any time and after appointment ( at the specified phone in it ) on a 3D scan .
After a short time the certificate holder receives its own unique fotoskulpturu .

3D printing figurines, Tisk 3d figurky

If you want to give as a gift certificate at a gala event - Obtain a certificate in his name , and in a further message when placing specify for whom the certificate is intended , its name and details . We printed the certificate and send it to you.

In any case - do not hesitate to call us and ask any question!

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